Gums Should Be Healthy in Order To Stay Fit


Everybody knows that to stay healthy and fit you must have a healthy oral health and when we talk about oral health we mostly talk about teeth. No one talks more about the gums. But the fact is gummed are the basic part and plays a significant role in our oral health.

However few of the persons know the difference between the healthy teeth or diseased gums. Healthy gums are the one which is light pink shade, properly firmed and most importantly never bleed. And in case of unhealthy gum the scenario will be reverse they are not properly firmed, most of the time they start bleeding, and seems like a swollen, having bad breath, bad taste, become painful while chewing some foods. So today let’s focus on the gums and what are the reasons that gums should be healthy to maintain overall health.

A healthy gum keeps your teeth in proper place

Healthy gums helpful in keeping the teeth in their proper place. They worked as a shield and protect the sensitive tissues. But if the gums are not healthy, bacteria easily attack the teeth and higher the risk of the cavity. There is the probability that you can even lose your teeth, because of the bad gum health.

Healthy gums mean lower the chances of heart disease

Poor gums invite the disease like stroke and heart disease. Many of the studies prove that bad gums health is dangerous for cardiovascular problems. As the bad gums bleeds and bacteria enter through the bloodstream and they start depositing in the heart vessels. And because of these deposits, there are higher chances of clotting which may lead to heart disease.

Bad gums can be the reason for Obesity

Today most of the people are suffering from obesity which is mainly due to our poor eating habits. But some of the research also proves that the reason for obesity can because of gums disease. So if you are suffering from obesity examine your gums whether they are healthy or not.

Healthy gums make the direct effect on overall health

The root cause of over health starts from over oral health, what kind of food we are consuming in our day to day life, how we care our oral health matters a lot. If we didn’t care about our oral health and gums bleed usually then bacteria will find its way via the bloodstream and start infecting our whole body system. Apart from stroke and heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, preterm birth, lung infections & oral cancer are the main disease which starts only because of the bad oral health. Healthy gums not only helps to cure the diseases, but it will also share the memory.

Habits that help to keep your gums healthy

  • Make a habit to brush twice a day and with teeth take equal care of your gum lines.
  • Flossing is as important as brushing so don’t be lazy and floss at least once a day.
  • Have a look to check if brush in proper condition or it demands a replacement.
  • Keep your eyes on what kind of food you are consuming and if possible try to minimize the number of sugary snacks and drinks.
  • Smoking affects badly on overall health we all know but the beginning of any disease caused by smoking starts from the mouth. People who smoke have higher chances of periodontal diseases than normal people who don’t smoke. So try to avoid smoking and indulge yourself in good habits.
  • The secret to keeping your gums healthy is hidden in a balanced diet. A diet which has a combination of protein, minerals, vitamins & fibers is a balanced diet.
  • A woman needs to pay extra attention to the health of their gums and oral health when she is pregnant or has just entered into menopause. Diabetes also affects gum and hence patients need to pay extra attention to oral health.
  • To avoid bacterial infection one should use an antibacterial mouthwash. It should be used at least once a day.
  • A dental consultation is also important to visit a dentist like Yonge and Eglinton dentist twice a year in order to maintain oral health.

All these habits look common but most of us usually ignore them. Oral health is important and we should work regularly in order to keep them healthy.