The Benefits Of Installing Clear Magnetic Glass Boards In The Study & Kid’s Room


A study room is one of the best places to be if one wants to brainstorm on a lot of things. A Clear magnetic glass board help put all your thoughts together in a study room. In a kid’s room, a glass board is a tool used to motivate, inspire, educate and pass information to children.

Between a study and a kid’s room, various similarities make a glass board perfect for use in this situation. One of those similarities is that they have a lot of space on the wall that is not effectively utilized or used for doing nothing. The rooms need more lights because most times they are poorly lit, making it difficult for anyone to read appropriately or clearly, the amount of information written on the board.

Another similarity they both share is that they are both used by a single person at one point in time. In other words, a glass board located therein reduces the chances of an accident happening when compared to whiteboards. In a study room, they can be used for a number of years to teach and educate oneself. They can be placed in a private library to brainstorm or prepare kids for an exam.

Because a study room and a kid’s room see less human activity than a living room, they are usually the first places kids go to anytime they want some privacy or try to get away from a stormy situation happening in the other places. A glass board provides them the unique opportunity to write, draw, paint or do any form of artwork that will get their mind off their present predicament. Although glass boards are built with tempered glass which automatically makes them less prone to break during accidents, they are usually placed in a place where there is a low movement of people. Glass boards are also known to be durable, lasting for as long as 20 years in their life span if properly maintained or if they are free from major hazards in the future.

Benefits Of Glass Board In A Study Or Kids Room

  • Before the invention of glass boards, whiteboards reigned supreme. Enhancement of taste and the need to improve customer service have seen most schools adopting glass boards all over the US.
  • With much thought on the hefty price tag which is 40% higher than the average whiteboard, the heaviness of the object in question has led many people wondering why such a move would be cost effective.
  • First all, a glass board in either room is meant for a whole lot other than its aesthetic value. For being a clear and transparent device, it is easy to use the different color shade for decorating your kid’s room. They will still have time to write, draw and erase everything on them, especially if it is a magnetic glass dry erase board.
  • For their academic and sports achievements, they can be displayed on a glass board to motivate and inspire them in achieving more success in their choosing field.
  • Testimonials of loved ones can be placed on a glass board without pins and displayed on the dashboard indicating who said what on various occasions to inspire a child.
  • Pet photos are another favorite that always finds their way to the top of a glass board for kids who admire those weekend trips they had with their favorite pets. They show brightly on glass board with a great visual impression for the kid and parent alike.
  • Clear glass boards are very good for tacking documents, photos, letters and information about reminders that a person shouldn’t miss out on. There is no need to use pins to hold and display this information; one reason why whiteboards and glass boards are so different.
  • A glass board reduces the risk of health hazards unlike the time of whiteboards where any kid would step on a misplaced pin used to tuck documents. Because there is no need for pins, a cluster of information can be placed to remind kids of a lot.
  • Birthday countdowns, wedding invitation, shopping, reading can all be scheduled for a kid to use in their study or room whichever they prefer.
  • Beautiful art drawings can be made with any marker on a glass board in the room or study. It will help to inspire kids and teach them in a different way
  • They can be motivated to draw any form of art and improve on them.
  • Glass boards also allow them to erase any work without any complication no matter the number of days the market has stayed on the surface.
  • A photo collage can be made about your family tree and displayed on the glass board for kids to see in their room. They can also be made about favorite and hilarious moments of a kid’s life.
  • They use them to place reminders for chores the kids need to carry out by the end of the day, week, or months.
  • School art projects can be designed on the glass board from time to time.
  • A flow chart can also be created for kids to show them how various system works using the glass dashboard.
  • In conclusion, they may have certain similarities with a whiteboard but make no mistake, a glass board is entirely different and healthier to have around.

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